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False Doctrine Worse Than Division

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“Divisions and separations are most objectionable in religion. They weaken the cause of true Christianity.- But before we blame people for them, we must be careful that we lay the blame where it is deserved. False doctrine and heresy are even worse than schism. If people separate themselves from teaching which is positively false and [...]

Forty Converts, One Saved

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“In one heartbreaking incident of modern evangelism, forty converts were contacted as a follow up to their evangelism experience, and only only one person of these forty was found who appeared to be a Christian. So although one lady may have been reached, we must ask ourselves, what were the effects of the encounter on [...]

“…But I Know This Guy Who’s REEEAAALLLY Seeking God!”

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Lane Chaplin introduces this video by saying: The majority of us can read the title of this video and relate it to a person we’ve encountered at some point who claims to know someone who’s “REEEAAAALLLY seeking hard after God” because the person started attending the local Sensitive-To-Please-Unbelief “Church” or a local youth group, etc. [...]

“Good Theology Causes Division”

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“I’m always amazed by the people who, despite God’s clear and emphatic commands through the Apostle Paul, say things like, “Ah, we need to forget about the differences in our doctrines, and we just need to love one another.” as though those two are consistent goals. Surely they haven’t come to realize that the only [...]

10 Ways to Commit Spiritual Suicide

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30 Signs You Might Be Emergent

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30. Your church has replaced the pulpit with a bar stool (and possibly a bar or your church is in a bar). 29. You once read a good story about some Jewish people and a cross. 28. You engineer every conversation so you are able to use the phrase, “you can’t put god in a [...]

A Critique of Rob Bell’s Nooma DVD “Dust”

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A Gospel The World Wouldn’t Hate

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We have all probably heard about the three Christian missionaries that were tortured and killed in Turkey, only a few months ago. Tilman Geske, Ugur Yuksel and Necati Aydin, underwent hours of horrific torture for their faith. One reporter wrote: The young [muslims] got guns, bread knives, ropes and towels ready for their final act [...]

A Purpose Plea to Pastors, by Todd Friel

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Would you let a surgeon operate on you or your family if he didn’t know the procedure perfectly? Of course not. How much more accurate should a pastor be with the Gospel that is the power unto salvation? If you are responsible for introducing the Purpose Driven Life to your church or small group, please [...]

A Time For Truth with John MacArthur

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“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” (Hebrews 13:7) There is a great video posted on The New Centurion. An amazing example of a “real man of God who’s not afraid to tell it like it is!”

A Warning To Catholics

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By Mike Gendron Many Roman Catholic traditions find their origin in paganism, but none as obvious as the use of statues, icons, relics, and images in worship. Historians report that statues of the Egyptian goddess Isis, with her child Horus, were renamed Mary and Jesus by pagan Rome. Today, shrines of the Black Madonna and [...]

A Wretch Like Who?

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Has your church changed the lyrics of John Newton’s hymn, Amazing Grace? He originally wrote: “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound! That saved a wretch like me!” These days some churches are singing: “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound! That saved and strengthened me!” Brian Abel Ragen comments on the downplaying of human depravity: “While [...]

A.W. Tozer: We Need Men of God Again

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The Church at this moment needs men, the right kind of men, bold men. The talk is that we need revival, that we need a new [movement] of the Spirit–and God knows we must have both; but God will not revive mice. He will not fill rabbits with the Holy Ghost. We languish for men [...]

Adjust Our Presentation

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“We need to adjust our presentation of the gospel. We cannot dismiss the fact that God hates sin and punishes sinners with eternal torment. How can we begin a gospel presentation by telling people on their way to hell that God has a wonderful plan for their lives?” It is true that God has a [...]

Advocates of Compromise

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Any evangelism which by appeal to common interests and chatter about current events seeks to establish a common ground where the sinner can feel at home is as false as the altars of Baal ever were… One of the most popular current errors, and… being carried on in evangelical circles these days, is the notion [...]

Agony – Leonard Ravenhill

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An Ecumenical Fairytale

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The original post, by Pastor Ken Silva, can be found on the Apprising Ministries web site. “Now let us all gather ‘round little children and I’ll tell you the story about the seeker sensitive Jesus of the man-pleasing purpose driven emergent word faith church…” Once upon a time in an ecumenical emergent nation far, far [...]

And All Liars

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Another great article from Christian Witness Ministries, this time from missionary Sandy Simpson. Lying is a problem for all people (Psalm 116:11). We are all sinners (Romans 3:23). Those of us who are Christians are “sinners saved by grace” (Ephesians 2:8) indwelt by the Holy Spirit in our “new self” (Colossians 3:10). But we still [...]

As the Home Goes, So Goes the Church…

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Backsliders & False Converts: Christianity is a cruel trick!

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“Some of these individuals feel that a cruel trick has been played upon their inexperience by the ministers and friends of Christianity in thus thrusting them, in the hour of their confusion, into false positions, whose duties they do not and cannot perform, and into sacred professions which they have been compelled shamefully to repudiate. [...]

Baptizing the Masses with a Watered-down Gospel

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“When a sinner wanders into the church and sits through skits, mimes, interpretive dances, and the like, and yet never hears a clear, convicting message about his dangerous and tenuous spiritual situation– that he is a depraved sinner headed for an eternal fire because he is a daily offense to a holy God– how can [...]

Because Riverside Church Has Nothing Better to Offer

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Below Standard!

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Evangelical Christianity is now tragically below the New Testament standard. Worldliness is an accepted part of our way of life. Our religious mood is social instead of spiritual. We have lost the art of worship. We are not producing saints. Our models are successful businessmen, celebrated athletes and theatrical personalities. We carry on our religious [...]

Benny Hinn Exposed

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This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries. On May 24, ’07 Christian Research Net posted the following: Benny’s lawyers haven’t been able to have this video removed from the internet! It is also one of the best and [...]

Beware of Those Who Lead You From the Truth, by John Piper

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“For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.” (Romans 16:18 ESV)

Bewitched by Harry Potter, by Berit Kjos

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“You’re famous, Harry Potter.” It’s true! This prophetic remark in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first in a seven-book series on popular witchcraft, was fulfilled in record time. The first three books hit the world—schools, libraries, and the New York Times best-sellers list—like a spiritual tidal wave, breaking down barriers to the secret [...]

Brian McLaren, even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light…

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“Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us. For many walk, of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory [...]

Brian Mclaren: Emergent Church Leader and Theologian

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Here is an article by Ken Silva from Apprising Ministries. His introduction to this piece was taken from Christian Research Net. In the Foreword of Brian McLaren’s book A Generous Orthodoxy Dr. John Franke gives us a summary of the philoso-theology of this “Christian leader”: the centrality of Christ is combined with openness appropriate for [...]

Brian McLaren: Welcoming Practicing and Unrepentant Homosexuals as Christians

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HT: Christian Research Net I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people– not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to [...]

Bullwhip Guy

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“And the Jews’ passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem, And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the [...]

Charles Spurgeon on “Non-Essential” Doctrines

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If you say that any one part of the truth is unimportant, you do as good as say – to that extent the Holy Spirit has come upon an unimportant or valueless mission. You perceive it is declared that he is to teach us “all things”; but if some of these “all things” are really [...]

Christian? Christ-follower!

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“It is my opinion that tens of thousands of people, if not millions, have been brought into some kind of religious experience by accepting Christ, and they have not been saved.” – A.W. Tozer It’s true that many churches have been filled due to the sinner friendly movement. If you appeal to the fleshly desires [...]

Christless Christianity

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Countless sermons in churches across the country focus on moralistic concerns and personal transformation. But has Christ gotten lost in the shuffle? Have we inverted Paul’s warnings by intentionally preaching ourselves, and not Christ crucified? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts introduce the new theme for 2008: Christless Christianity! Go to [...]

Christless Christianity

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From, Dr. Michael Horton gives an analysis of the contemporary church and “points believers back to the power of a gospel that should never be assumed.”

Church Boring? Entertainment Is Not The Answer

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Source: Old Truth If people find worship boring and irrelevant, it can only mean they have no sense of the presence of God in it. When we study the action of worship in Scripture and the testimony of church history, we discover a variety of human responses to the sense of the presence of God. [...]

Church Growth – John MacArthur

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Church Growth Hormone – A Biblically Banned Substance

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Emergent Church

This article, written by Ray Baumann, was taken from the Christian Witness Ministries website For the first eight years of my ministry I was a church growth hormone addict, thriving on a daily diet of books and videos centred around the latest fads and trends that focused on church growth. I was on the cutting [...]

Colleges, Contemplative and Campolo

Category: Emergent Church, Roman Catholicism

Editor at Christian Research Net writes: Watcher’s Lamp takes a look at the growing contemplative movement on college campuses such as Emory (Methodist) and Georgetown (Catholic). The movement grows with the help of advocates such as the Dalai Lama and Tony Campolo.


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View more at: Pyromaniacs

Creflo Dollar Is No Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Category: Church Issues

Creflo Dollar is no wolf in sheep’s clothing. He doesn’t even pretend to act like a pastor should. He’s as obviously wicked as his followers are blind and ignorant. I warn you, this video will make you sick…

Creflo Dollar Should be Arrested

Category: Church Issues

If those outside of the Church would have a problem with this sort of vomit, how much more should it offend us. Dollar is a perfect example of the kind of people Jesus warned us to beware of. But not only should we avoid Dollar, we should also avoid those who would promote him – [...]

Cursed Be That Love & Unity

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“Just as in the days of the Apostles, so at this day we are forced to hear from certain denominations that we (by our obstinacy to adhere to the truth) do offend against love and unity in the churches, because we reject their doctrine. It would be better (they say) that we should let it [...]

Death of a Church

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“Death (of a Church) occurs when unbelievers are allowed to take over ministries in the church. It happens when a church becomes more concerned with form and liturgy than it is with life on a spiritual level. Death occurs when a church becomes more concerned about welfare and social ills than it is about salvation. [...]

Decisional Regeneration & Modern Evangelism

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In a booklet, which is much circulated in student evangelism, lays down ‘Three simple steps’ to becoming a Christian: first, personal acknowledgment of sin, and second, personal belief in Christ’s substitutionary work. These two are described as preliminary, but ‘the third so final that to take it will make me a Christian. …I must come [...]

Decisions Aren’t Good Enough!

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Did God Save You to Serve?

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Do It Yourself

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“Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” (Corinthians 10:5) This is another aspect of the strenuous nature of sainthood. Paul says, “I take every project prisoner to make it obey Christ.” (Moffatt.) How much Christian work there is to-day which has never been disciplined, but has simply sprung into being by impulse! [...]

Do Not Be Deceived

Category: Church Issues, Discernment

The Lord has clearly told us that it is not our job nor our place to judge the hearts of men. Romans 14:10 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. We are, [...]

Do You Care What Christ Thinks of the Church?

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Sam Storms commenting on Jesus walking among the seven lamp stands (Revelation 2:1): He is present in and among his people. He guards and protects and preserves the church. He is never, ever absent! No service is conducted at which he fails to show up. No meal is served for which he does not sit [...]

Does It Really Matter What I Believe? by Ken Silva

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Teaching

As I have talked with people concerning their views about God, a question like this will often arise during our conversation. It sure isn’t hard to see that Americans are a bit of an independent lot aren’t we? But the truth is, as much as we might not want to hear it, your opinion and [...]

Does the Truth Matter Anymore?

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

The following statistics were taken from John MacArthurs DVD called, “Does the Truth Matter Anymore?” A minority of professing “Christian” adults (44%) and an even smaller proportion of professing “Christians” teenagers (9%) are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth. Only 1% of all professing “Christian” adults firmly concurred with each of the 13 [...]

Does Your Church Teach Only Parts of The Truth?

Category: Church Issues, Media, Sinner Sensitive

Doug Wilson: Rob Bell and the Nature of Arrogance

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church, Universalism

Embracing Error in the War on Truth

Category: Discernment, Emergent Church, Media

“If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings.” (1 Timothy 6:3-4 KJV)

Emergent Church Fruit Check

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Emergent Church

This short article was put together by Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries and is well worth reading.

Emergent Church Spreading Spiritual Cancer

Category: Emergent Church

In the Sixties the counterculture rejected consumerism, individualism, traditional values and ideas, and protested against their parent’s middle class values. Thus began an all out assault on what had made America prosperous for two centuries. Now a similar assault on historic orthodox Christianity is underway that’s gaining momentum. Some Christians believe a paradigm shift is [...]

Emergent Church: Mystical Youth Ministry

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

This article is written by Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries. You have me heard talk here at Apprising Ministries about how apostatizing $evangelicalism$ is now passing your youth through the fire of Molech. For example More Cross-Less Christianity of the Emergent Church and Ingrid Schlueter and I also talked about this on *Crosstalk: Christian Mysticism* [...]

Emergent Church: Say Goodbye to Baker Publishing Group with “An Emergent Manifesto of Hope”

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

This article comes from Apprising Ministries I covered this earlier at Christian Research Net and slumbering $evangelical$–Show Me The Money!–leaders continue their startlingly accurate impression of Rip Van Winkle. In this You Tube clip below you can see for yourself as Doug Pagitt, pastor of the Emergent Church Solomon’s Porch, introduces, “the emersion line of [...]

Emerging Church Pastor Doug Pagitt: Post CNN Interview Comments Concerning Dr. John MacArthur

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church, General Topics

Below is a transcription from Apprising Ministries of what Doug Pagitt had to say to an employee of a station affiliated with CNN about Dr. John MacArthur. I’m presenting this right now with no further comment except to say as a pastor-teacher myself this is/was an unacceptable missed opportunity to properly represent Jesus Christ. Continue [...]

Erwin McManus’s False Teachings – Part 2: “You Have Incredible Potential”

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

This article was written by Ron Foster. “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’” – Isaiah 14:14 “Create the future” – Erwin McManus. Two of Erwin McManus’s favorite topics are heroism and potential: Every person has a hero inside of them waiting to be discovered, [...]

Erwin McManus’ Misuses and Distortions of Scripture

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

Ken Silva introduces this article by Ron Foster saying: In this new feature article at Apprising Ministries AM correspondent Ron Foster continues his excellent exposes concerning Cultural Architect and futurist Erwin McManus, a prominent voice within the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church. Foster brings out that in Erwin McManus’s sermon entitled “Is Faith Nonsense?” [...]

Faith House: Any Door Leads to God

Category: Emergent Church

HT: Watcher’s Lamp Faith House: The ecumenical social gospel in the flesh. The website describes the mission: LEARN FROM THE OTHER. DEEPEN YOUR LIFE. HEAL THE WORLD. “a call to partner with God in the work of overcoming evil with good and a promise that through this shared labor, good will ultimately prevail. This gospel [...]

Faith Undone: the emerging church—a new reformation or an end-time deception, by Roger Oakland

Category: Emergent Church

Christian Research Net has posted a video of Roger Oakland explaining the “new faith” for the 21st Century and the characteristics of the Emerging Church. Roger is the author of “Faith Undone: the emerging church—a new reformation or an end-time deception.” “Is the emerging church movement just another passing fad, a more contemporary approach to [...]

False Prophets

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Media, Prophecy

What does the Bible say about Prophets? How are we to judge the true prophet from the false prophet? Should we listen to men such as Nostradamus, or what about men who claim to be Christians, like Rick Joyner? Watch this short video to find out!

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

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Forsake Not The Assembling

Category: Church Issues

John Owen | By God’s all-wise appointment, our assemblies are the food and the nourishment of our souls. It is the main way whereby we publicly identify with Christ and His Gospel. We evidence our love for Christ by our loyalty and support of one another in opposition to all false worship. Many things will [...]

God Is Not Our Buddy!

Category: Church Issues, Media

“These things you have done and I kept silent; you thought I was altogether like you. But I will rebuke you and accuse you to your face. Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with none to rescue: He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the [...]

God or Mammon?: Carter Conlon vs. Joyce Meyer

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Media

Also see: John Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

God’s Wonderful Plan

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Media, Sinner Sensitive

Happy Clappy Worship

Category: Church Issues, Media, Worship

Commenting on “Dry-eyed Faith,” Lane Chaplin mentioned a recent show from the White Horse Inn, titled “Happy Clappy Worship.” After hearing it I thought it was good enough to mention here too. Contemporary Christian worship is almost exclusively upbeat and “happy-clappy.” But is this the type of worship that is pictured for us in the [...]

Has The Roman Catholic Church Really Changed? by Ken Silva

Category: Church Issues, Roman Catholicism

When dealing with the subject of the Roman Catholic Church as evangelical Protestants it is imperative to understand that absolutely nothing substantially has changed with the Church of Rome regarding their official core dogmas as they were pronounced by the Council of Trent. This was the historic Council held by the Roman Catholic Church in [...]

He Never Sought to Amuse Them

Category: Quotes, Sinner Sensitive

Jesus pitied sinners, pleaded with them, sighed over them, warned them, and wept over them; but He never sought to amuse them!  When many of His disciples turned away, because of the searching nature of His preaching–I do not find there was any attempt to bring them back, by resorting to something more pleasant to [...]

Hell According to Rob Bell

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church

Over at Six Steps, Alex S. Leung writes: Does Hell really exist? Rob Bell doesn’t seem to think so. Or does he? Maybe he does, and I’m just confused at his evasive indirectness. If he does believe in a literal hell, he’s seems very quiet about it — especially for somebody who apparently has graduated [...]

Hell’s Best Kept Secret

Category: Church Issues, Evangelism, Media, Sinner Sensitive, Teaching

Why do 80-90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost? Why have the Church neglected it? Don”t let anything stop you from listening to this incredible teaching.

Hillsong Says: Reformers Fought for Nothing

Category: Church Issues, General Topics, Roman Catholicism

But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you [...]

Hillsong: How To Make Your Child a False Convert

Category: Church Issues

Honour the Name ‘Pastor’

Category: Church Issues, Quotes

“Supposing magistrates and judicial officers are corrupt and evil, bent on perverting the social order, twisted and vile, dissolute in the way they live. When we see such men, tyrants who rob and swallow up the weak, must we conclude that the office they hold is impaired, and that the honour and prestige which God [...]

How does the Bible describe the natural man?

Category: Church Issues, Scripture

I understand more than the aged, Because I have observed Your precepts. (Psalm 119:100 NASB) The Bible says, that in our own eyes, all our ways are right and clean; but the LORD weighs the heart and the spirit (Proverbs 16:2; Proverbs 21:2). We think so highly of ourselves because we often compare ourselves by [...]

How Does This Help Your Self-Esteem, Joel Osteen?

Category: Church Issues, Media

What Happened to GOD!? Jeff Noblit from Anchored in Truth speaks on the true condition of the natural man and what it is modern day pulpits are NOT telling you.

How Does Your Church Measure Success?

Category: Church Issues, Media, Sinner Sensitive

Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we received mercy, we do not lose heart, but we have renounced the)things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our [...]

How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure

Category: Church Issues, Media, Sex, Sin

How to Fill Your Church With False Converts

Category: Compromise, Humor, Media, Sinner Sensitive

How To Identify Terrorists In The Church, by John MacArthur

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Emergent Church, Sermons, Sinner Sensitive, Teaching

Apprising Ministries is very pleased to point you to this MUST hear message from Dr. John MacArthur, one of the few real preachers of the Word of God that our generation has been given: Within the church . . . who are Satan’s Al-Qaeda? What are their motives? Are spiritual terrorists out to destroy church [...]

How To Know A False Prophet

Category: Christianity, Church Issues, Discernment, Quotes

“A Christian can generally be known by his very appearance. The man who really believes in the holiness of God, and who knows his own sinfulness and the blackness of his own heart, the man who believes in the judgment of God and the possibility of hell and torment, the man who really believes that [...]

How to Start a Mega-Church, by Todd Friel

Category: Christianity, Church Issues, Discernment, Teaching

This might seem a little strange, but hang in there ‘til the end because I think this has a powerful punch line. Proof-texting is one of the main reasons false teachers can find a home inside of evangelicalism. The false teacher can take a verse out of context and apply it to a teaching that [...]

If We Are Silent About These Things

Category: Compromise, Quotes, Sin, Sinner Sensitive

“…some will assure us that it is a waste of time preaching to modern hearers about the law and sin, for (it is said) such things mean nothing to them. Instead (it is suggested) we should appeal to the needs which they feel already, and present Christ to them simply as One who gives peace, [...]

Impostors in our Midst

Category: Christianity, Church Issues, Evangelism

The following comes from the Australian Way of the Master newsletter. “Imagine this: You’re seated half way towards the back of a large church building. It’s your first time there, and you’ve been invited to preach. The 600+ crowd is filling the auditorium. As you stand to sing you notice something very strange. Normally, when [...]

In Every Age the Church is Threatened

Category: Church Issues, Discernment

“In every age the church is threatened by heresy, and heresy is bound up in false doctrine . It is the desire of all heretics to minimize the importance of doctrine. When doctrine is minimized, heresy can exercise itself without restraint.” – R.C. Sproul

In the Name of Jesus, Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Outta My Hat!

Category: Charismania, Church Issues, Discernment, Media, Word Faith

“That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;” (Ephesians 4:14) Somebody buy this guy a new sheep skin, because we can see right through this one. In the following [...]

Interview with Hillsong Staff

Category: Church Issues, General Topics, Media

This ten minute audio clip is taken from the September 24, 2007 Way of the Master Radio show. In it Todd Friel interviews some of the staff from Hillsong who were filming a promotional video for a conference called ‘Hillsong Europe.’ This “theological dogs breakfast” goes to show that even their staff aren’t able to [...]

It’s Official: America’s Pastor Rick Warren of the Purpose Driven Life May Not Even be a Christian

Category: Church Issues, Discernment, Emergent Church, Purpose Driven

This short piece at Apprising Ministries was inspired by an excellent post at the fine website A Little Leaven: A Museum of Idolatry called Rick Warren’s Top 5 List on the Things Jesus Did on While He Was on The Earth and the question is asked: “How on earth could Rick Warren, a CHRISTIAN PASTOR [...]

J.I. Packer on Scriptural Authority

Category: Emergent Church, Quotes, Scripture

“Scripture is allowed a relative authority, based on the supposition that its authors, being men of insight, probably say much that is right; but this is in effect to deny to Scripture the authority which properly belongs to the words of a God who cannot lie. The modern view expressly allows for the possibility that [...]

Jesus: God, Man, or Myth?

Category: Atheism, Cults, Emergent Church, Islam, Jehovah's Witness, Media, Mormonism

Are you sick and tired of ignorant cult groups and liberal theologians saying that Jesus Christ never claimed to be God? Are you tired of the foolish repetitive arguments of the atheists? This video, by Walter Martin, will hopefully help you deal with their unfounded claims.

Jesus: MY Cosmic Band-Aid

Category: Church Issues, Media

In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea saying, “Children of Israel, does any of you feel a little blue?” Just slap a little Jesus on that wound! That’s right, come to Jesus and get your hurts healed. Well, that’s all Hillsong have to offer anyways. These are the testimonies [...]

Jim McClarty – Biblical Ignorance and Tradition

Category: Calvinism, Church Issues, Media, Sovereignty

Joel Osteen to Headline Upcoming Hillsong Conference

Category: Church Issues

From: Christian Research Net – “For the first time in Australia” Joel Osteen, his wife and co-pastor Victoria, “the whole Lakewood Church team” and Word Faith wolf Jentezen Franklin will be bringing their shows to Hillsong Conference 2009. Those paying attention will remember Hillsong Church has been in the habit of promoting dubious ministries for [...]

John MacArthur & the Emergent Attack on Scripture

Category: Discernment, Emergent Church, Media

Download Audio Clip I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life. (1 John 5:13) “…the Scripture is always under attack. I’m so sadden by the current attack on the perspicuity of Scripture, the clarity of Scripture, which is [...]

John MacArthur on Biblical Authority

Category: Church Issues, Media

“holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.” (Titus 1:9 NASB)

John MacArthur on Billy Graham: A Wideness in Gods Mercy?

Category: Church Issues

John MacArthur on Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life

Category: Purpose Driven

HT: Christian Research Net