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Abhor the Doctrine of the Universal Fatherhood of God

Category: Universalism

Charles Spurgeon | As I have warned you before, abhor the doctrine of the universal fatherhood of God, for it is a lie, and a deep deception. It stabs at the heart, first, of the doctrine of the adoption, which is taught in Scripture, for how can God adopt men if they are all his [...]

Bill Muehlenberg: Against Universalism

Category: Universalism

There are two quite wrong ways to come to terms with the biblical teaching on the eternal punishment of the lost. One is annihilationism, which says the lost will simply cease to exist after this life. The other is universalism, which says in the end everyone will be saved. Both positions are clearly and decisively [...]

Doug Wilson: Rob Bell and the Nature of Arrogance

Category: Church Issues, Emergent Church, Universalism