Was Paul Ignorant of Homosexual Orientation?

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The arguement goes like this: “No doubt Paul was unaware of the distinction between sexual orientation, over which one has apparently very little choice, and sexual behavior, over which one does.” (Walter Wink)

Edward T. Welch, Blame in on the Brain? P&R Publishing, 1998, p. 158-159: “Is it possible that the biblical texts were ignorant about homosexual orientation and were thus prohibiting only ‘unnatural’ homosexual practice by participants of heterosexual orientation? This would suggest that the practicing homosexuals in the Bible were involved in homosexuality against their natural inclinations. Yet the nature of sin is that people sin because they want to sin (James 1:13-15). It comes from our desires. No one is dragged into sin kicking and screaming. Homosexuality existed in biblical times because people enjoyed it; they were drawn to it by their own hearts (Mark 7:21-23). An artificial distinction between (sinful) homosexual practice and (justifiable) homosexual orientation contradicts the Scripture’s constant connection of desire, orientation and deed. If the deed was prohibited in Scripture, the desire was too.”

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